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Types Of Carpet Fibers

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices that you have to choose from when you go to buy carpet. You have many different options to choose from, like different brands, styles, colors, and carpet fibers. While different brands will call their products by different name, here is a quick rundown to help you choose the right type of carpet.

There are several different types of materials that manufacturers make carpet rolls out of. You have two general types of carpet to choose from: organic and synthetic. Most of the carpet made in the United States is synthetic. The most common synthetic fibers are nylon, olefin (polypropylene), polyester, and triexta (PTT or Polytrimethylene Terephthalate). The most common organic carpet is wool, but there are others that are used mostly in making rugs such as sisal, cotton, and jute.


Nylon is the most popular carpet fibers used in homes today. It is considered to be one of the best all-around carpet fiber with high durability. It is also easy to clean and maintain. Nylon on its own is not very good at resisting stains, which is why many different stain treatments are used by manufacturers to improve its resistance. Nylon tends to be a more expensive option, but there are options in all price ranges.


Polypropylene – or olefin – is a carpet fiber that is used in many Berber carpets for commercial purposes because it has a similar look to wool. It is not as durable as other synthetic fibers, though, and can be hard to clean and maintain. It is water-resistant and quick-drying, which makes it a good option for basements or outdoor rugs. It tends to be cheaper than nylon but does not last as long.


Polyester carpet fiber is known for its softness and high luster. When compared to nylon, the high luster of polyester means that it has a more vibrant and rich color. It is also naturally stain resistant. Polyester is also a relatively eco-friendly synthetic option. It is easily recyclable and can be made out of recycled polyester. It is not as durable as nylon carpet fiber, however. It also tends to be more budget friendly than nylon.


Triexta, a type of polyester, is a relatively new carpet fiber on the market that has excellent stain resistance and durability. Because it is naturally stain resistant, it does not need an additional stain treatment, which results in a softer, more plush carpet. It does not stand up well to heavy traffic, however.


Wool is the main organic fiber on the market and is considered a premium carpet choice, and so it has a higher price tag than synthetic. It is a highly durable carpet fiber, but it can’t handle heavy traffic areas. Wool has natural stain resistance, but the fibers will absorb water and other liquids, which means that spills need to be cleaned up quickly to prevent staining. Because it can absorb moisture, it will act as a natural humidifier, but in the winter it can build up static (much like wool socks). Unlike synthetic fibers, it is also fire resistant. Rather than burning, it will char, making it better than synthetics for in front of a wood fireplace or wood stove. It is an eco-friendly flooring option and does not emit any VOC’s. It is also a renewable resource.


Ultimately, all carpet fibers can be improved by the twist and density of the carpet and by applying treatment to the fibers. While the type of carpet fiber you choose is an important decision, it is one aspect that makes the carpet fit your lifestyle and your home.

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